Little Five Poet Guy


(Courtesy of and Rupert Hudson for doing the investigative reporting.)

While doing a little web surfing on Donald Glover's new alter ego, Childish Gambino, I ran across this blog post detailing a pretty incredible story about some fans meeting and hanging out with Donald and his band after Atlanta's show @ Variety Playhouse.

What I found interesting in this story, though, was that these guys from South Carolina, who spent one night in Atlanta ran across the self-proclaimed, "little five poet guy."

I've met him once or twice before and he's the nicest dude and he'll tell you about his life story or spit some free-verse poetry right in front of you, using only the subject matter you give him.

I remember him walking up to a group of 5 people or so and I, introducing himself as "the little five poet guy" and then asking us to each give him a word rhyme and riff on. I can't remember everyone's word, but of course someone had to say "orange," but he took that challenge and ripped it apart like a Kleenex. I think his line went something like, "...just like the word orange, I am confused for I can not concentrate as much as the orange juice you get at the super market..." Amazing.

Here is a video of "The Little Five Poet Guy" speaking on Childish to the tune of a banjo.
(Courtesy of Rupert Hudson and LetsGetAwkward Youtube channel)

(P.S. Childish Gambino will be back in Georgia at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA October 7. 22$)

((P.P.S. The Little Five Poet Guy will probably still be in Little Five without a home tonight, and everynight. Help eradicate homelessness))

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Exclusive interview: Delta Rae // 99x Unplugged


Soon, Ian Holijes guitarist and vocalist of Delta Rae, will give me a one-on-one interview prepping for Delta Rae's 99x Unplugged in the Park appearance at the Park Tavern Carbon Leaf this Sunday.

More details to come, but for now, enjoy some good vibrations in the form of a remix of local act heRobust by Star Slinger featured on Pitchfork.

Here's the original //