Delta Rae // "Bottom of the River" *New Video*


I've written on Delta Rae previously, but they are continuing to up the ante with the release of their newest music video for "Bottom of the River" and free download. They really took the style and genre seriously with this one. With the help of Phi Beta Sigma step team they were able to create human percussive instruments to accompany Brittany Holljes ferocious vocals. I love that the song defies any and all normative structures of popular music - I'm really not missing the trance synths with this one.

Although this is a short and stylistic piece, it does not mean that it lacks talent. Everything from the make-up, the framing of the shots, the choreography, to the hum and clap of the accompaniment is executed with precision. Manifested from their musical piety, Delta Rae's artistic quality is as always, made of and for the soul.

Download, "Bottom of the River" for free.