KSU Radio: Supreme I.N.K.


The duo goes on air at 10:30... real soon. Tune in at owlradio.com.



No awards this year. Phew.


I was nominated for my story on the Chess Club (which sadly has not taken off like described in the story. I walked past a meeting the other day and saw two guys, one chess board, and one liter of cola. Really?).

The awards ceremony was a good time, with lighthearted antics and humorous speeches. There was food, but I abstained because I felt like the Campbells soup I had for lunch had just roundhouse kicked me in the gut)

Share magazine broke the ice with some humor and presented their awards first. Most of Share's awards were jokes, like "Most Likely to be Found Dead in the Office" award. [Upload video and insert here]

Maybe next year.

For now, check this out, Denver had it right.

I hope I don't win


Tomorrow I will be attending the first ever Student Media Awards at Kennesaw State University as a nominee.

I hope I don't win.

I'm excited to be a guest and get recognized for the work that I did. I appreciate the paper and all of the staff for all of their work too, so I am not saying this out of disrespect.

But, I want more.

I want to be told that "I can do better." Because, I know I can. Right now, I am still a student crafting a platform and developing a writing style, so there must be room for improvement.

If I get an award tomorrow, I will accept it, shake hands, and put it on a wall, but I will not be satisfied.

Sentinel, light a fire under my belly. Tell me I'm not good enough. I dare you.

It will be the best decision that you could have made.

Artist Appreciation: Rittz


Georgia native, Rittz and DJ Burn One tag teamed for this new mixtape labeled "White Jesus." Featured on the tape are the likes of Big K.R.I.T., Shawty Fatt, 8ball and Yelawolf.

March 23: Rittz will be at Tavern 99 in Buckhead starting at 7:00.

Artist Appreciation: KeithCharlesSpacebar


What you can expect in this album are jazzy beats, melodic flows, and the introspection required by the heady-type hip hop fans that are growing to make this artist not just a man, but a movement.

Songs of interest:
Introspective Minds ft. J-Coop- This spacey beat blends smacking snares and hi-hats to synthesize hype over the lyrical criticisms - "On that introspective minds, watch me disrespect your mind". Like the hook says "who's that on the cut??? YO ITS INTROSPECTIVE MINDS!!" And if you haven't taken a look at Introspective Minds yet, you need to!

Multimedia: Kosherbeets x Pash Lima - The Last White Man on Earth

From the imagination of the lighter skinneded half of Supreme I.N.K. , Kosherbeets presents this post-apocalyptic version of "just some random shit" HAHA, "Last White Man on Earth."

Pash Lima contributed the art, excellent rendition I must add.
Beat by Lazymane

Futuristic update type stuff (What's coming up?):
Expect a mixtape to drop featuring the dynamic duo Supreme I.N.K. (Lazymane and Kosherbeets) in conjunction DJ DiBiase.

April 20th 2011: New appearances on Ethereal's 42Degrees. Last years appearance featured "Wednesdays" with Lazymane and "Bluebird."

Ethereal's Abstractica features songs with Kosher and is expected to drop June 2011.

That's it for now folks.

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My Dear Disco Ella Riot Song Review


More to come soon...

In the meantime, GO LISTEN!