Some new releases


Supreme I.N.K., Lazymane and Kosherbeets, is one of the funkiest hip hop duos in the Atlanta scene right now and their newest mixtape, Sell it to Me Free, includes some original production by Lazy, but also Ethereal - the new signee to Slumerican, the same label with Rittz and Yelawolf - and also Introspective Minds, all really talented producers. Go and listen, support Supreme I.N.K., and enjoy.
Ethereal is another one of my favorite acts to come out of Atlanta and his latest 20 minute jam is a great example of how Ethereal is making his own lane, crafting a sound, and owning it.

I recently spent some time at the home of studio where Back Pack Music: Back to School Vol. 1, was created, in Snellville, GA. Jon Malmgrem, the Owner of Back Pack Music, made sure that the studio feels like a home away from home for everyone that comes through there, and is why he created this project, to unify all the artists that pass through the halls of BPM. I'm anxious to hear what else comes out of BPM, because I am a really big fan of Broken Wax Wings that has already been on this page before.

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