The plan


With out a plan, where would I get the fodder for which to write on this blog? For "josh the writer" is roughly a plan in itself. The action of calling myself "the writer" creates a vacuum in which the virtual me will live in. It is the drop. The cataclyst. The genesis. In the beginning, there was darkness, then Josh said, "let there be text". In the virtual world, I am "the writer", but I am also "the creator" of my very own amusement park of text. I set the parameters and dictate the very essence to this wasteland of prose. "The procrastinator", I hesitate to announce, is the title I hold on to, day after day if I decide to neglect my duties as the writer - until I step inside the arena of the text box and mark out what the true Josh knows what must be done. But, that won't happen. I have already chosen the path and thrown down the gauntlet. "The writer" is the plan, but to what ends do I justify these means? Well I'll tell you.

Currently, there are staffers on my college newspaper, which I will frequently link onto this blogspace - the Kennesaw State University Sentinel. I am a Staff writer, but the plan is to become an editor. Most likely an editor of a section such as, "The Arts and Living" section and then the plan is to become the Editor in Chief or a Copy editor. The plan exists to help me build a platform, so I can build clips and impress potential employers.
Eventually the plan will continue to grow and adopt new opportunities and sources, but the plan after college gets more complicated. A local rag, any old rag, will help me build clips and thus further my technique and develop a platform. From, "any old rag" the plan is then to land a gig with Creative Loafing - a respectable rag within the pop culture of Atlanta. Although Creative Loafing is most likely an upstanding publication to work for, I would eventually like to move my way to a publication heralded for great journalism, style, and expertise - Rolling Stone. The plan, is to write for Rolling Stone.

As an accomplished writer, writing for Rolling Stone, the idea is to open up to offers and opportunities to live off of my writing. School's first, but my writings will get me there. That's the plan anyway.


Christy said...

Hey!! I just wanted to say that you're amazing!! :) k, that's all. Bye!

Josh said...

Thanks Christy, but you've got it all wrong - your amazing. I'm just the poor shlub you date. Ha.

Christy said...

Whatever, no you're not! You think I would date a poor shlub?!? Um, I think not! (Hey, you notice I'm actually using correct puntuation, no abbreviations, and good grammar(I think)? I feel as though one should write correctly on websites such as these. hahaha I feel so professional)

Dotty said...

This is a wonderful vehicle for you to write Josh.
You have a plan and a path with which to get you there. I look forward to reading much more!

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